Spiral Welcomes Blodwen as our Newest Endorsees!

Spiral Welcomes Blodwen as our Newest Endorsees!

Spiral Welcomes Blodwen as our Newest Endorsees!

Spiral welcomes Indonesian female-fronted symphonic power metal act, Blodwen!  Blodwen combines power metal, versatile vocals, theater elements, symphony orchestra and neo-classical guitar into their sound and have been desrcibed as "symphonic metal with no pretension" and "one of the hidden jewels in Indonesia" by international media.

Blodwen is a female fronted symphonic power metal band hailed from Jakarta, Indonesia. Blodwen means "mountain white flower" in Welsh. The band was formed in 2004 by Bernice Nikki and started as a Japanese Rock cover band. In 2007, Alexander Lexy (ex-Le Sacralist) joined the band and marked the first change in Blodwen's musicality. The band was officially reborn in 2009 with a darker and heavier sound. In the same year, the band was contracted by Red Rivet Records (Japan) and released their debut album "Black Symphony" globally in 2010 -- gaining positive reviews from all around the world. Praditya "Cis" and Bayu Djody (ex-Dreamer, Oracle) officially joined the band in 2012; and with the new line-up the band released their award-winning EP "When Autumn Ends" in 2013.

The EP won 3rd place in "Best Album of 2013" in a radio in UK and gained stellar reviews from all over the world. The EP also attracted several international labels, and Blodwen was officially contracted to Crysella Records (Europe) in early 2014. Due to the success of the EP, Crysella Records decided to re-release "When Autumn Ends" to major music stores in Europe and America in the same year. Meanwhile, the band recruited Indra Bayu as an official member to add on their sound. The band is currently working on their 2nd full-length album to be released in the older months of 2014, and planning to shoot their first music video.

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"Blodwen remains an impressive outfit. “When Autumn Ends” takes the listener on a journey of different emotions and nuances which is all the more impressive based on its 20-minute playing time... Great stuff!"
 --- Female Metal Webzine (85/100)

"Those who like Tarja's (ex-Nightwish) solo albums will surely adore Blodwen as well. Considering the scene of later years where many mainstream bands decide to place stress on edginess and the catchy aspect (sometimes at the expense of the feelings), we actually need bands who allow to sit back and relax and feel the innocence and simplicity. It is very interesting to see what paths Blodwen will take, but one thing is for sure, I personally will be waiting for a new release that will continue this journey."
--- Metal Storm (8/10)

"A truly successful work for fans of Nightwish or Within Temptation with a tantalizing hint of the exotic."
--- Amboss Magazine (Germany)