Blodwen's debut video 'FOR A NEW WORLD' set to be unleashed on Sept 21st!

Blodwen's debut video 'FOR A NEW WORLD' set to be unleashed on Sept 21st!

Screaming in from the exotic isles of Indonesia and rapidly carving out their own unique niche in the gothic metal scene, comes the very latest Spiral endorsee to join our hallowed ranks – Blodwen! We’re so proud to have snapped up this band and have got some exciting news for anyone out there into symphonic metal with a dark heart. The band will be releasing their first music video 'FOR A NEW WORLD' on 21st Sept! The video will be released via the BLODWEN official website and their YouTube channel, so keep your eyes peeled for something truly special.

Directed by Victor Studiaminto – one of the guys responsible for bringing us ‘The Raid: Redemption’ – and shot within the same set as that ground-breaking movie, this song is the lead single taken from the band's upcoming second album which will see a late 2014 release through Crysella Records. If it’s anywhere near as good as the band’s debut album, we’re in for a broodingly beautiful treat of seismic proportions! \m/

Oh, and thought I should mention this too…the entire band are decked out in threads provided by yours truly Spiral Direct so we can’t wait to see the finished article when it hits at the tail end of this month. Call us vain, but we love seeing our clothing doing what it does best. ;)

Show the band your support on Facebook, Twitter (@BlodwenBand) and YouTube; and don't miss the premiere of the new video on 21st Sept. Make sure you put this date in your calendars ghouls and ghosts…it’s gonna be metal as f**k!